Sony fits an entire camera in a lens that snaps on your Android phone

this is something that I have to get


The mega-battle over smartphone camera megapixels could be a moot point based on images and information on Sony’s(s sne) latest project. The Verge says Sony may introduce its new DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 lenses for handsets. Except these aren’t just lenses. According to the Sony Alpha Rumors site, these are fully operational cameras packed inside the lens that will snap on to an Android phone.


At that point, it won’t matter what internal camera sensor and software the phone has. The snap-on camera will take the place of your internal imaging sensor and your Android phone will become a wireless viewfinder for Sony’s camera. Unlike traditional smartphone cameras, you’d then have a much higher quality set of lenses and optics to use for image capture using a smartphone.

Here’s how the site explains these products:

They have built-in sensor, Bionz processor, Wifi/NFC wireless connection and SD card slot. These lenses have…

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